My good friend Robert Van Winkle once declared, “If there was a problem, yo I’ll solve it.” I’m that guy. If you can present me with a problem, I’ll happily think through a Plan A, Plan B, and probably a Plan C, although, being honest, Plan A is probably the best bet.

What I’m not good with is generating situations out of thin air. Case in point, this homework assignment where I have to write ten user stories for a fictitious company. I’ve previously run into this same roadblock during corporate “problem solving” exercises where our team had to define a problem before solving it. Once past the “fake problem” hurdle I’m fine. This would probably also be a good time to admit that I’m terrible at role-playing during corporate trainings. I’m sure the two go hand in hand.

Oh, going to try blogging again. Hopefully something more useful than this “could have been a Facebook post”. Anyway, welcome back.

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